Mediceuticals TheraRx Anti Bacterial Scalp & Skin Wash 250ml
Mediceuticals TheraRx Anti Bacterial Scalp & Skin Wash 250ml. Purifying treatment for skin and scalp. Therarx anti-inflammatory. Helps kill harmful bacteria. Does not dry the skin. Use in combination with X-Folate for the effective treatment of dandruff. Can be used...
£32.00 £27.93
Mediceuticals Scalp Kit - Dandruff
Mediceuticals Scalp Kit - Dandruff. A complete anti dandruff treatment kit which gives you 3 essential products to deal with dandruff. The Intensive Scalp Care system 3 essential product contained in the kit. TheraRx  250ml Purifying treatment  and antibacterial skin & scalp...
£64.00 £61.94
Mediceuticals Cellagen Follicle Revitalizer 125ml
Mediceuticals Cellagen Follicle Revitalizer. The Mediceuticals Cellagen Follicle Stimulator will solve your thinning & hair loss problems. This leave-in treatment is easy to use, mess-free & more importantly encourages new & healthy hair to grow. Please Note: For women undergoing chemotherapy,...
£36.00 £32.46
Alterna Caviar Clinical Professional Exfoliating Scalp Treatment (12 x 15ml)
Alterna Caviar Clinical Professional Exfoliating Scalp Treatment (12 x 15ml) A professional strength scalp scrub with a highly concentrated dose of Active Fruit Enzymes that exfoliate to help remove flaky build-up caused by dandruff and dry scalp. Directions: Apply to wet...
£31.50 £14.98
Mediceuticals Therapeutic Scalp & Hair Conditioner 250ml
Mediceuticals Therapeutic Scalp & Hair Conditioner 250ml. Therapeutic rinse treatment is a soothing conditioner for hair and scalp. Lightly conditions and detangles hair. Controls dry, itchy, flaky conditions. Reduces redness and inflammation. Can be used on all your body. Use...
£34.00 £29.65
Mediceuticals Numinox Hair Follicle Revitalizer 250ml
Mediceuticals Numinox Hair Follicle Revitalizer reduces hair loss at first use & strengthens hair follicles. Numinox Hair Follicle Revitalizer leave in treatment is an amazing topical hair loss treatment formulated to give your hair the recharge it needs to rehydrate your hair...
£51.50 £50.32
Alterna Caviar Clinical Densifying Shampoo 1000ml
Alterna Caviar Clinical Daily Densifying Shampoo is a sulphate-free cleansing treatment for fuller, denser looking hair. The densifying complex from Alterna Caviar for hair that looks and feels denser. Directions for use:  Massage throughout wet hair. Leave on 3-5 minutes, then rinse thoroughly. If conditioning is...
£87.70 £67.68
Mediceuticals Solv-X Shampoo 250ml
Mediceuticals Solv-X Shampoo. Shampoo for the treatment of excessive sebum production on the scalp. Removes waxy sebum without removing the essential fatty acids of the scalp. Helps control redness & irritation of the skin. Safe for colour treated hair. Can be...
£32.00 £27.93
Mediceuticals Vitatin Moisturising Conditioner 250ml
Mediceuticals Vitatin Moisturising Conditioner 250ml. A Conditioner for dry, chemical treated hair (Coloured) Vitatin Phytoflavone Moisturising Conditioner hydrates dry, brittle hair with a weightless moisturising system. It Gives really high shine and give volume and body to you hair. With natural...
£30.00 £28.79
Mediceuticals Hair Restoration Kit For Men - Fine, Thinning Hair
Mediceuticals Hair Restoration Kit Fine, Thinning Hair Men's Hair Restoration Kit for Normal Hair scalp therapies to help combat male hair loss & thinning hair patches. These sulphate free formulas are dermatologically designed for healthy, safe & effective hair &...
£67.50 £64.10
Mediceuticals Bioclenz Shampoo 1000ml
Mediceuticals Bioclenz Shampoo especially formulated for normal or fine hair & to cleanse the scalp area making the best environment for hair growth. Suitable for excessive hair loss and thinning hair. Triaminocoptinol complex stimulates new hair growth & helps with the reduction...
£60.75 £58.29
Mediceuticals Scalp Treatment Kit - Dry Scalp - 3 Piece Box Set
Mediceuticals Scalp Treatment Kit - Dry Scalp. Scalp therapies is developed to help treat various scalp & hair problems. Suffering from a dry & itchy scalp? Look no further. This Dry Scalp Treatment Kit is all you need to help soothe...
£62.00 £59.36

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